Where: Seville/Spain 2013
Work volume: Production, Costumes, Lightning & Sound
Project description: Farruquito rełect the truth and the roots of Flamenco at his highest level. Improvisao, in the artis’s own words, “It is a return to my roots and a sample of what I’ve learned in this profession. Singing, guitar and dance fused with total freedom to create a different show every day.” A show that transports us to a traditional and magical universe, an art of celebration of life, in which the dancer and his musicians are the center of the artistic creation, without any artiŀce, with improvisation as a leitmotiv.
“Farruquito is Flamenco... The future has already arrived” ABC
“Farruquito is the best dancer of our time...” El País 
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Tel: +34 607 74 16 86