Client: FARRUQUITO // Bienal Flamenco 
Where: Seville/Spain 2014
Work volume: Production, Costumes, Lightning & Sound
Project description: Pinacendá means Andalusia in the Gypsy dialect. In Farruquito`s new show he interprets Pinacendá as a walk through each of the provinces of Andalusia, and rełects the experiences of a Gypsy, a true Flamenco and art expe lover of his land. He aims to show his love for Andalusia and the inłuence it has had, has and will have on his way of dancing. Farruquito is Andalusian and is nourished by his land. His grandfather Farruco simply said, "you dance the way it is". In this show, Farruquito expresses this identiŀcation more than ever.
“Farruquito: Oh my God! ” ABC
" The dance that enslaves the soul " El Mundo 
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