Client: MUSEO BAILE FLAMENCO Where: Museo del Baile Flamenco, Seville / Spain
Why: Lyrical Dream formed part of a series of shows at the museum, where flamenco art was presented and accompanied by other.
Audience: Regular visitors of the museum
Work volume: Art direction, Production, Lightning, Sound, Creative idea + development
Goal: To catch the senses of the audience with an unusual dialogue of opera and Flamenco. 
Project description: LYRICAL DREAM is a fusion between Opera and Flamenco. During various stages of history, those artistic expressions offered motives of inspiration for great composers: Carmen of G. Bizet, Don Giovanni of W.A. Mozart, The Barber of Seville of G. Rossini are only some examples. Thereby inspired, the renowned opera singer Oscar Martos created exceptional musical arrangements, yet respecting the essence of the two arts.


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