Project description: In SIEMBRA SOWING Farruquito shares stage with his little brother El Carpeta. SIEMBRA SOWING is a show tailored to El Carpeta, consisting of a sequence of dances he has learned from his elders and to which he gives his own style. All with the storyline of some words written around the sowing; continuity of a legacy. SIEMBRA SOWING premiered in Madrid in August 2012 and is currently touring throughout Europe.
In ABOLENGO ANCESTRY, Farruquito invites Karime Amaya, granddaughter of the world famous dancer Carmen Amaya, to share stage with him. ABOLENGO ANCESTRY is a tribute to their elders, those from who they inherited a unique cultural pattern and learned the power of dedication and conviction. ABOLENGO ANCESTRY premiered in October 2012 in Costa Rica. 
Flamenco is more than an art. It is the most essential expression of an ancient culture. And Farruquito is its light, its sound, its roots, and its purity. With a refined style, perfect, yet strong and passionate, he breathes the most spectacular pure flamenco. Farruquito in Concert is his most intimate and private show as he shares the stage with only three musicians.
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