Where: Seville/Spain 2008
Work volume: Production, Art direction, Stage design, Costumes, Lightning, Sound, Video Projection, Creative idea + development, Sponsoring & Brand involvement // VICTORIO & LUCCHINO, HUGO BOSS
Project description: PURO PURE is the pure manifestation of flamenco dance. The show immerses us into a voyage through lights and sounds, water and earth, spirits and fire reflected by an extraordinary stage design that was highlighted by specially produced video projections: Scenes of Farruquito’s youth and new shoot images showing Farruquito’s exquisite dance style, together with the 4 elements and mixed with live scenes on stage. Accompanied by the piano, violin, percussion, song and guitar, elegantly dressed in Victorio & Lucchino, Farruquito fuses all elements of Flamenco music that tell the story of its origins and its genre. PURO toured around the world: Tel Aviv, Den Haag, Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, amongst others.
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