Client: Louis Vuitton
Where: Musee du Louvre, Paris/France
Why: Louis Vuitton World Summit 2010
Audience: Worldwide Executive Store Managers
Work Volume: Art direction, Production, Choreography, Stage design, Costume design, Styling, Make up, Lightning, Sound, Projections, Creative idea + development.
Goal: To create a fantasy that seduces the audience to experience an exciting mix of pure drama and passion
Project description: MIRROR OF PASSION is a fusion of two arts with great impact: Opera and Flamenco. A flamenco and a classic ensemble with an orchestra play on both sides of stage. A circle in the middle is the mirror where both arts meet and start a dialogue. Oscar Martos, representing the opera part, and Farruquito, the flamenco part, are equally dressed by LV. The Fa famous aria “Votre toast” from the opera Carmen (Bizet) will be the music of the show. Dance, song and visual elements dialogue between the classic opera aria and pure flamenco. The outcome is a festival of sensations with an intense emotional impact on the audience.
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