Where: Krug premises, Reims/France
Why: Krug Celebraion Week 2012
Audience: Wine experts and lifestyle press
Work volume: Art direction, Production, Choreography, Stage design, Costume design, Styling, Make up, Lightning, Sound, Projections, Creative idea + development
Goal: To cut the usual activity of a guided tour through the KRUG cellars by creating three different shows and thereby constructing a unique and unforgettable tour experience.
Project description: We transform a visit to KRUG’s wine cellars into an astonishing path full of artistic surprises that enhance both the beauty of the location and the age-old traditions of the champagne. At first, the cords of Bach’s Concerto no1 entice visitors into the darkness of the wine cellar and a harpist appears clad in a lavish 22 meter baroque costume. The sounds of more instruments echo through the vaults and four contemporary dancers spring into life, their twisted, swaying bodies seeking to embody the birth and growth of a grape vine in the natural world. The visitors continue on, when suddenly, out of the darkness, four singers appear, encased within a metallic champagne tank and accompanied by a complete orchestra playing “Barcarolle” by Offenbach .The darkness is shattered by a mesmerising light display which illuminates the singers in their white, translucent costumes. The scene climaxes with a dramatic profusion of music, lights and dance, a sensory feast for the audience to devour.












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